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Thargelia Solitary Ritual
By Rowana Sabredancer

Materials Needed:
- A popsicle stick, straw, doll, or an object to represent your pharmakos (scapegoat)
- Fruits or veggies from your garden. If you don't have a garden, offer fresh fruits, veggies, or bread.
- Optional: Meditation music. Nature sounds with water is preferred.

The ritual is the purification itself.

Evoke Artemis and ask her to help you purify your home. Smudging is a good idea.

The next step is a personal purification. Visualize yourself dipping inside a clear, cool pond surrounded by pink or/and white lilies that float around. In the background is a small, empty temple of Artemis. Relax and take a few minutes for yourself. Turn on music with natural sounds from nature such as a waterfall or rippling stream for full effect.

When you are ready, create your pharmakos. This will represent what you wish to drive away from your life. If you are using a popsicle stick, you can write them on it with additional symbols. After you're done, destroy, bury, or burn it. If you are using a popsicle stick, you can simply snap it and throw it away.

Say a couple of words about the day with thanks such as the following altered from Zsuzsanna E. Budapest's Lammas ritual (the non-italic words are changes made by me):

The harvest season is coming, the harvest of foods of my labors, of my struggles. This is the height of the year's abundance. May the bounty of this season keep me strong in spirit, body, and soul.

Give your offering(s) to Artemis on her altar. If it's bread, you can donate a few pieces of bread for the birds outside.

Artemis, Wild Huntress, accept my thanks for my own growth, insights, and accomplishments, and the sustaining food You have given me.

It's now time to feast! You can save this part for dinner time. Invite Artemis to join you, and leave some food from dinner for Her on a special plate. Light a candle on Her altar and eat with Her silently.