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Protection for Pets, Children, and Loved Ones
By Christopher Penczak (from The Witch's Shield)

The spell should be performed on the new, waxing, or full moon. Also best performed if the Moon is in Sagittarius or Cancer.

Make some simple charm with a crescent moon on it. You can draw it on a piece of paper or wood, or paint it on the stone. Any medium for this charm is fine. Then evoke Artemis to aid you:

Artemis, Moon Goddess, goddess of the hunt, please watch over
(name your loved one). Protect this one from all harm. I ask
this in Perfect Love and Perfect Trust. So mote it be!

Place the Moon charm someplace significant for you. You can put the charm in a child's pocket. I know one mother witch who did something similar, sewing a paper charm inside the jacket lining of her child's jacket so it couldn't be lost. The charm can be placed in the bedroom or, for an animal, near the food dish, buried outside, or if possible, attached to the collar. Such a charm can be renewed once a year.