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Woodland Love Spell
By Yasmine Galenorn (from Embracing the Moon)

The spell should be performed on a new, waxing, or full moon.

Materials Needed:
- Fruit, bread, and cheese
- A knife
- A felt tip pen
- Small piece of rose quartz
- Some green cord
- Large broad leaf

This spell is designed for those seeking a female lover, using earth-focused forest energy and woodland spirits. On a bright and sunny day, go to a favorite spot in the woods, with fruit, cheese, bread, a knife, a felt tip pen, a small piece of rose quartz, and some green cord. Get comfortable, let go of the mundane world, and tune into the life of the woods around you. Cut a slice of bread, a cube of cheese and a piece of fruit, and bury them in a hold you have dug at the base of a nearby tree. Then, on a large broad leaf, write with your pen:

Lady of the Forest,
Lady of the vine,
Bring to me
The love that is mine.
Blessed Be.

Wrap the leaf carefully around the rose quartz, tie it with the green cord, and raise earth energy to charge your charm. Place the charged charm on top of the buried food, and chant:

Oh Ancient Huntress, I come seeking you.
Come to me, Artemis, Mistress of the Hunt,
Earth Daughter, Green Mother, Lover, Creatrix.
Bring me a woman suited to be my partner.
I will accept and love the one you choose to
Embody yourself within.
Let us bind together,
Play together,
Love together,
Entwining our souls and minds,
Entwining our hearts and bodies,
Entwining our paths and lives. So mote it be.