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Abundance From the Huntress

The spell should be performed on a new, waxing, or full moon. To enhance the spell, also perform it in the hour of Jupiter or on a Sunday or Thursday. You can also perform it on midnight, when the moon is in Sagittarius, during the Hunter's Moon, or at Mabon aka the autumn equinox.

Materials Needed:
- Green candle
- Incense of choice
- Chalice or cup filled with spring water
- Dish filled with dirt
- Chunk of pliable clay
- A stylus, pen, or nail to draw in the clay
- String
- 13 thin green ribbons (13 inches long)
- 13 tiny bells

Call on Artemis, entreating her assistance. Light the incense and candle. With your hands, form a wolf out of the clay while thinking about abundance and prosperity moving into your life. With the rest of the day, form three arrows. Carve your name with the stylus on the belly of the wolf, then carve your desire, using either words or pictures, on the arrows. After the clay dries, sprinkle with a few drops of spring water (do not add salt) and the dirt, asking Spirit to bless you with abundance and prosperity. Envision the wolf and arrows glowing with health and life. Pass the wolf and arrows over the flame of the candle three times. Hold the wolf and the arrows close to your mouth and blow on the images three times with long, flowing breaths. Then say:

I call upon thee, O gracious Artemis,
queen of the moon, goddess of wisdom.
I dedicate this rite to you. I ask for blessings
upon this sacred wolf and these arrows
that I have created with my own hands.
When I leave this wolf and the arrows
in my yard (or the forest), this wolf will draw
into my life an abundance of prosperity,
healing, and harmony. The arrows are my gift
to Artemis, that she may continue to enjoy
her wild hunt with the golden bow
as her familiar wolf runs by her side.
I affirm my right to prosperity. So mote it be!

You can sing, hung, or meditate, thinking positive thoughts, while holding the wolf. Try chanting the many names of Artemis: "Artemis, Diana, Devana-Tauro, Artios, Dea Abnoba" (you can select any of her names and string them together in a chant) Tie a bell on each end of the ribbon. Tie the ribbons together, intoning the Artemis chant, then tie the ribbons securely around the belly of the wolf. When you have finished, extinguish the candle. Thank deity for assisting you. Release the circle. Take the water from the chalice, the dirt, your clay wolf and arrows, and walk into your yard. Hang the clay animal (with the string wrapped securely around its stomach) from a tree. Pour the water and the dirt at the base of the tree beside the small arrows you will leave there as your offering. Ask for one final blessing, knowing that prosperity and harmony will manifest within the month. Call to the gnomes, saying:

Gnomes of the wood
treasure abound
bring me wealth from Artemis' ground.

Leave the wolf in the tree.