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Arrows of Artemis Prosperity Spell
By Lady Vala Runesinger (Mabon 2007)

The spell should be performed on Mabon aka the Autumn Equinox,
three days before the Harvest Moon,
or just three days before any full moon.

Materials Needed:
- Green candle
- Silver candle
- Prosperity oil
- Fresh-cut artemisia (mugwort or wormwood)
- Three arrows (print three cards of the stock image above)
- String
- Silver and gold pen/writing utensil

Prepare one green candle for each person in the circle. Fix with prosperity oil, and put fresh-cut artemisia at the base of each candle. Place all the green candles in a circle around a central silver candle. Prepare three arrows on card stock for each person. Before the circle begins, outline the runes in gold, and the moon symbols in silver. Light all of the candles and prosperity incense before beginning the spell. Do this spell three nights in a row. On the final night, allow the candles to burn down.

Artemis, huntress of the night,
The Moon shines with your magic light;
Guide us swiftly, so we may be –
Hunters of prosperity.
Like wolves and hounds that hunt the wood
We hunt for wealth and all that’s good,

Artemis huntress, hear this boon,
We give thee arrows with fortune’s rune,
We give thee arrows, three times three,
To target abundant prosperity.

As arrows fly from your golden bow,
Our need is great, do not be slow,
The Harvest Moon rises high this week,
Lead us to the wealth we seek!

When the candles have finished burning,
punch holes at the tops of the arrows and pull string through them.
Tie them to a tree’s branches for Artemis.