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Ritual to Artemis
By CathyMoon

The purpose of this ritual is to seek Artemis

Materials Needed:
- Silver/white Goddess candle
- Silver/white altar cloth
- Silver/white ritual garb
- 4 white altar candles
- Symbols: moon, mother, animals, silver items

Carve Artemis' name in your Goddess candle, take cleansing bath or wash hands, gather items.

Cast Circle by visualizing a white or silver protective sacred space.

Call 4 directions and light direction candles

Sit quietly. When you are ready, think about Artemis and what she means to you, how she can play a part in your life.

Feel, taste, smell, and see her.

When you are ready, light the Goddess Candle.

This candle I dedicate to thee
Light the way so I might see
Your presence I do call
Mother, nurturer to us all
Hail Goddess Artemis

Sit quietly with the goddess. Ask her if she has a message for you. When ready, distinguish the 4 quarter candles and thank the directions. Thank the Goddess Artemis and distinguish her flame, knowing that each and every time you light your candle, you are invoking Her. Allow the circle to fade into the earth. Blessed be.