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Mounukhia Solitary Ritual
By Rowana Sabredancer

Materials Needed:
- Homemade candle holder (decoupage/tissue paper)
- White candle
- Origami figures to represent animal companions, women, or children
- Incense
- String (a color that represents Artemis)
- Muffin, cupcake, or a small, round cake
- 6 birthday candles (white preferred)
- Light-colored tea (I like to use jasmine tea as a libation. However, you can choose to use other light-colored liquids such as white wine or juice)

Homemade candle holder:
This is a homemade offering for Artemis to be used on every Mounukhia. Use any glass jar and decorate it with tissue paper. Be creative! Add symbols to represent the Goddess.

Origami figures:
These paper figures are used to represent women or animal companion(s) you wish Artemis to protect. There are many diagrams on the internet to teach you how to make origami people and animals. Feel free to make one to represent yourself for Artemis's protection.

Muffin, cupcake, or a small, round cake:
This is used as the amphiphonton (singular form of amphiphontes). Here is a simple vegan muffin recipe: Simple Muffins

Cleanse yourself and the room with any technique you prefer.

Evoke Artemis and light the incense.

Find a place to hang your origami figures. This can be outside by a tree or near your altar. However, you can simply place them on your altar. If you choose to hang them, ask Artemis the Protectress of Women or Children to protect each one while you tie the string around them and hang them up. If they are animals, ask Artemis Potnia Theron, Lady of the Beasts, to protect them. If any of them are ill, mention it. If you are not hanging them, simply place them on your altar stating your intention. Also, for each female, draw the symbol of the labrys on each of them to represent strength and protection.

Here are some epithets of Artemis you can call:

Artemis Akalanthis (goldfinch)- For protecting finches
Artemis Alexibelemnos (who keeps off arrows)
Artemis Aleximbrotos (who protects mortals)
Artemis Ambulia (who delays death)
Artemis Amnius (protecting before birth)
Artemis Apobaterios (protector of those who disembark)
Artemis Asulos (who protects from marriage)
Artemis Elapheaea (of the deer)- For protecting deers
Artemis Eleuthera (mother of the bear)- For protecting bears
Artemis Epimelidios (who protects the sheep)
Artemis Euonumos (protector of women in childbirth)
Artemis Genetyllis (protectress of births)
Artemis Heurippe (the finder of horses)- For protecting lost horses and to guide them back to you
Artemis Hippolaitis (horse priestess)- For protecting horses
Artemis Iasoria (healer)
Artemis Leon (the lion)- For protecting lions
Artemis Lykaena (she-wolf)- For protecting female wolves
Artemis Oraia (protects infants in the womb)
Artemis Paedotrophus (nurse of children)
Artemis Paeonia (healer)
Artemis Panaghia Arkousdiotissa (holy Goddess of all the bears)- For protecting bears
Artemis Pheraea (of the beasts)- For protecting animals
Artemis Potnia Theron (lady of the beasts)- For protecting animals
Artemis Pythia (serpent)- For protecting snakes
Artemis Skulakitis (protector of dogs)

It is also appropriate to call Bastet for protecting cats. The Greeks identified Artemis with Bastet so they are equated.

In return, place the homemade candle holder on your altar for Her protection. While you light the white candle inside, thank Artemis the Protectress. Let it burn out by itself.

Now, you can choose to dance in honor of the Goddess. I honestly don't like dancing, but as funny as it sounds, I prefer doing aerobics with music on instead. It's almost like dancing, except it's a workout :) Whatever you choose to do, it is to celebrate your femininity and joy of being born a female.

Next is divination. You can choose do this after the dance or save it for the evening when the full moon rises.

Last, it's time to light the amphiphonton. You can choose to do this when the full moon is in view. If the moon is not visible, know that you can still feel Artemis's presence. Call Artemis Phosphoros, the Light Bringer, and Torch-Bearer (Artemis Amphipyros, holding a torch in each hand) while you light the six candles. Stick them around the amphiphonton. Pour the libation into a cup and thank Artemis for being with you.

Make sure the amphiphonton burns out by itself in a safe place.