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Questions and Activities for Arkteia
The following questions and activities are from Patricia Monaghan's The Goddess Path: Myths, Invocations, and Rituals

Questions and Activities

1. Using crayons, color an image of yourself in childhood. If you had a pet name at that time, sign your artwork with that name. What energies do you remember from that period of your life? What were your hobbies? What did you like to do?

2. What were the circumstances of childhood's ending for you? What experiences were significant as you moved from child to young adult? What was gained—and what was lost?

3. Draw a crayon picture of the house where you spent your childhood. What positive and negative memories are associated with it?

4. Make a list of your childhood friends and/or siblings. What qualities do you remember for each of them?

5. Make a list of your childhood teachers. What do you remember of school and your performance there? What messages about your own performance did your teachers give you?

6. Write a "table of contents" for the book of your childhood. Give each year, or each important experience, a title. What does your book show about this period of your life?

7. Examine your relationships with children today. When and where do you spend time with them? What feelings are evoked by spending time with children? If you do not spend time with children, what does this mean for you?

8. If you have borne a child or children, what do you remember about the birth? In what way did you experience it as a spiritual event? Were there circumstances that kept you from attaining that awareness?