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To Heal Your Cat
By Gillian Kemp (from The Good Cat Spell Book)

Bay leaves, ruled by the sun, represent triumph over adversity. You will need:

- Modeling clay
- Fur from your cat’s brush
- A rose quartz crystal (alternatively, a red stone or a red rose or red flower in bloom)
-A bay leaf

Using modeling clay, make a little “poppet” to resemble your ailing cat. Try to make the model look as much like her as possible. Press some of her brushed-out fur into the modeling clay.

Press the rose quartz into the heart on the left-hand side of the cat model’s chest, thinking as you do so that you wish your cat well. Rose quartz is used because it represents love, associated with the heart, and because quartz transmits heat, rays, light, and ultraviolet rays. If you cannot get a rose quartz, find a small shiny red pebble or stone. A fresh rose, renewed when it wilts, would also serve your purpose.

Kiss the fresh bay leaf and place your cat model upon it. All cats love the sun, so place the leaf and model in a comfortable position in your home, where the sun will shine on it.


Notes of Rowana Sabredancer:
I did the spell differently, and the results were still effective. I did not have a rose quartz, so I used a clear quartz instead. Clear quartz can also be used as a substitute for any stone. However, the stone was too big to be pushed into the left-hand side of the cat model's chest. I used a piece of rosemary, which has healing properties, to represent the heart instead. If you do not have rosemary, I'm sure any herbs that contain healing properties will still work for the heart. Although the clear quartz was no longer needed, I still used it for extra energy. I placed it on the area of the model which mirrors the spot where my cat needed healing. It was on her shoulder blades where she lost fur. I blame it on the cheap flea treatment, Zodiac. I advise everyone NOT to use that product on their companions. Three days after I did the spell, her fur immediately grew back. I was a bit surprised how fast her back healed.

Along with the fur, I also attached my cat's nail clippings on the cat model's paws and feet.

If you are going to do this spell, make sure you provide your companion nutritious food and plenty of water. This will speed up the healing process and reduce your companion's discomfort.