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Pet Memorial Ritual

- Picture of your pet
- A black candle
- Candles to represent the elemental directions

To hold a memorial for a special pet who [sic] has passed on, place a picture of your pet (preferably taken when it was in its prime) on your altar. Light directional candles, and place them around the picture. Light a black candle. And place it next to or on top of the picture. Meditate on your pet's life and the joy it brought you. Look at the picture and speak words of peace for your pet's soul:

Like the wind, soar free through the heavens.
Like a flame, warm the hearts of those who think of you.
Like water, let your spirit flow ever onward,
Like the earth, be steadfast awaiting rebirth.
As the wheel turns, may you find as much joy in your next life as you gave in this life.